News: WebRTC – the way to go

WebRTC was a buzz word a few years ago. The cool demonstrations lead to doubts of many operators and communication companies about their own solution. But this also meant a lot of expectations which couldn’t be fulfilled immediately. WebRTC is a technology not a solution. To introduce it in mobile networks when we go in detail is not without challenges. Anyway the WebRTC is (for someone) slowly gaining its momentum and there are quite a few trials already.

Would you be interested in the GSMA view how to implement the WebRTC in the mobile networks’ context check this whitepaper out –  GSMA WebRTC to complement IP Communication Services.

GSMA - Typical vendor gateway implementation example
GSMA – Typical vendor gateway implementation example
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2 thoughts to “News: WebRTC – the way to go”

    1. Indeed! There were some phases. Firstly the Wow phase, people were amazed what all WebRTC can bring. Then the Disappointment phase, as WebRTC is not a solution for all our problems. And now the WebRTC is Recognized as a standard technology.
      Thank you for commenting Erick!

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